Welcome to the Greater Heights Area Chamber of Commerce.

The Greater Heights Area Chamber of Commerce (GHACC) is a member-focused organization through which members can effectively develop their business and themselves. Since its founding in 1988, the hallmark of the Chamber has, and continues to be: “People do business with people they know, like, and trust.” Relationships developed in the Chamber become part of one’s business infrastructure. New friends can be found in the Chamber and some of those friendships will last a lifetime. Members can learn how to grow their markets, supply their business, mentor associates or even find a special mentor. GHACC works diligently to provide benefit to all members, be they new, or long-term.

This growing Chamber provides a forum into which its members’ businesses can fit together in an atmosphere of mutual benefit. Active participation provides multiple benefits including access to the entrepreneurs and management of business and organizations with differing viewpoints and methods that work. An abundance of activities provide networking occasions to create new business opportunities, obtain business referrals, join committees, have fun and enjoy a camaraderie unique to Heights Chamber members.

Just as the “Heights” is known for its uniqueness and historical Houston significance, the GHACC blends businesses, promotes “Buy Local First,” and has often been described as a “not so well kept secret for successfully serving its members.”

Dear Members,

These are unparalleled times for Americans and the entire world. U.S. History has seen few pandemics; however, the onslaught of the Coronavirus has and will continue to disrupt our businesses, institutions, markets, entertainment venues, and everyday lives. And yet, we must conform to these challenging conditions in order to preserve health and save human lives.

This is a time when our nation, state and local populations need to band together to ensure compliance with the governmental and medical authorities to safeguard everyone’s health. Adhering to guidelines and following recommendations will help to stave off many new cases and the continuing spread of this disease. In addition, self- quarantines and less interaction with others have proven effective in halting the spread.

Work is underway to develop an effective vaccine, but much work and testing remains to be done before that becomes a reality. On-site Testing, which is to commence in the Houston area soon, will help to identify those in immediate need of care, and others perhaps with mild cases that will elect to stay home for the recommended 14-day self-quarantine period.

At the forefront, battling to contain this viral threat, are the healthcare workers, doctors, nurses, researchers and others that are dedicated to protecting people. Their efforts deserve our grateful appreciation and our admiration for their tireless work.

On behalf of the Greater Heights Area Chamber of Commerce we extend our best wishes to our members, the Chamber leadership, staff, volunteers and others that make up the organization. Our goal is to continue to serve our members, in the best of times, and the worst of times.


Louie Gill


Chamber News

Coronavirus Update

March 16th, 2020|

Dear Chamber Members. With the uncertainty surrounding the on-going impact of the Coronavirus, your Chamber has been compelled to make decisions regarding pending and upcoming events, activities and administrative operations. The result of our decision, a decision shared with our fellow Chambers, is that for the next 4-weeks, all events will be cancelled. This decision will be revisited following the 4-week time-frame to determine when operations may resume normally. While we regret having to make this decision, it is in the best interests of our members, staff and prospective members. These are trying times; however, Houston has endured previous dreadful conditions such as Hurricane Harvey. On behalf of the Chamber Board of Directors and staff we [...]

GHACC Annual Crawfish Festival

March 10th, 2020|

The Greater Heights Area Chamber of Commerce’s annual Crawfish Festival in the Heights was held on March 7th at 411 West 20th street. Cooler than expected weather greeted festival attendees, but the crawfish, corn and potatoes were in abundance. Mudbug eaters along with those that favored hot dogs and sausage on a stick enjoyed the food washed down, in some cases, with a wide variety of cold beers, sodas or water. Plenty of entertainment took place highlighted by the Zydeco Dots, a local band that played Cajun-style tunes that prompted spontaneous dancing in front of the Eureka Heights stage. Additional entertainment was provided throughout the day by students representing local area schools and featured Helms Cheer [...]

Small Businesses: The Mainstays of Our Chamber

February 25th, 2020|

Chambers of Commerce are comprised of many different levels of members, some large, some mid-size, and the rank-and-file members, small businesses. The Greater Heights Area Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1988 as a small-business oriented Chamber. Many of the Heights area businesses were, and still are small mom and pop businesses, entrepreneurs and independent business folks. They provide the products and services we need, create the majority of jobs, pay the lion’s share of taxes and selflessly support local causes and charities. All too often, they are the ones that unlock the door before dawn, close down after dark, then stay up late crafting new strategies to drive revenue, only to lay awake concerned about [...]


Member Benefits

Why join the Greater Heights Area Chamber of Commerce? If you own a business or are involved in the Houston Heights, being a member of the Greater Heights Area Chamber of Commerce brings you numerous benefits.  Invest in your organization’s future and join the over 500 members that already are reaping the benefits.  To begin learning about membership benefits, attend a monthly Member Orientation Luncheon and begin to realize them immediately.

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Chamber Connections

Here is an unusual new business contact made at a recent ribbon cutting.  Ambassador Jordan Bailey of Sabo Tax & Accounting Services was speaking with Danielle Stewart of Historic Heights Living magazine. Jordan was holding the new member plaque for Daniel Wood Floors, which he was going to present later. Danielle saw the name on the plaque, wrote it down and said that she was looking for a flooring company. Truly a networking contact success and the Chamber at work.

Always good to hear from Jack Van Pelt, our resident jeweler. Jack proudly reports that Byron Rusk and the staff at Master Car Care have always helped him with his car repairs. In return, Byron has made purchases at JVP Jewelry.

Jan Stephenson of Jan M. Stephenson Designs has designed business cards for Jack Van Pelt as well as being a customer of his.

Tommie Vaughn Ford, long term member of the Chamber has provided Jack Van Pelt with so much automotive buying and vehicle servicing benefits he can’t even remember them all.

If you have a good example of members doing business with each other and would like to see it on the Chamber website, just email a short note with the details to communications@heightschamber.org.

Welcome New Members!

Chick’n Cone
Cruises by Toni
Florida Career College
Globe Life
Grafton Funding
Houston Squeegue Pro
Oak Fitness
Pure Barre Heights
Revive Rx Pharmacy
Selective Search
Smith Insurance and Financial Services
Terry Bryant
The Greenhouse Day Spa
The Whimsy Artisan Boutique
Vanguard Spine and Support
Vey’s Painting & Refinishing
Vida Family Medicine
Ward Creative Communications





“Being a member of the Chamber has been so helpful to me in getting to know member’s businesses and services for both professional and personal needs. The opportunity to learn and build relationships with fellow members is so valuable. I’ve used many Chamber member’s services and many have secured mine as well. One I would like to recognize is the Hampton Inn and Suites on I-10. We reserved a block of rooms for our family and friends coming in from out of town for my daughter’s wedding. Thanks to fellow member Paige Cassel, they were so organized and on top of the reservations and welcoming. In fact, when the guests arrived, they received a welcome gift. Hampton Inn & Suites provided excellent service, and everyone was very happy with their stay there.”


Jan Stephenson
Jan M. Stephenson Designs

Here’s why being on a Chamber Committee expands my business connections.

“Joining other Chamber members on a committee establishes recognition of me for my business and service capabilities. With an opportunity to provide new ideas or input in the planning and staging of Chamber events, I have the occasion to meet and interact with fellow members in different fields. Working together provides an arena for me to expand my skills in areas where I may not have been involved before. Equally important is learning how vital collaboration can be to my future success. The Chamber offers a variety of committees, so there are many looking to grow and add new talent.”


Donna Torres
Greater Heights Business Solutions

Here’s why I put Noontime Networking on my Calendar Every Time.

“I know the Chamber monthly Breakfast Connection is a good networking opportunity but, as a working mom, early mornings can be hectic for me. The bi-monthly Noontime Networking sessions fit my schedule perfectly. I can have lunch, learn about a member’s business, and effectively network all in the course of time I would normally spend just going to lunch. Thanks to the Chamber for serving my needs.”


Danielle Stewart
Historic Heights Living Magazine

Member Spotlight

Tricia Gernand

Do you want a relaxing massage with hot stones and aroma therapy? Well don’t visit our featured member Tricia Gernand. Why? Because she is a licensed massage therapist who specializes in medical massage and manual therapies for the treatment of acute and chronic pains-not making you fall asleep and relax. As the owner of Triger Massage Therapy, Tricia takes pride in providing measurable results.

Born in Freeport, Texas, she attended local schools and earned an Associate in Science from area colleges in Brazoria County and in Houston. With an ambition of “helping people,” Tricia brings a wide variety of experience in communications, graphic design and tenure at two massage providers before starting her own business.

In 2016 a fellow co-worker referred her to medical massage with the LMT Success Group and she fell in love with the modalities. Currently she is a teacher assistant and travels to Las Vegas twice a year to help educate new medical massage students. In 2019 Tricia received her massage therapy instructor license and is working on developing classes. In addition, she is studying under a yoga teacher to learn self-care exercises for her clients so their pain-free results can last longer.

Tricia has a multitude of interests and they include live music and dancing, making art and crafting, her very own art car, sewing, graphic design, and trading massages with other therapists. She is a participant in the annual Houston Art Car Parade with her 2010 Scion XD aptly named Alotta Dotta. Coming from a large family, she counts three brothers, two sisters and 11 nephews (no nieces)!

In joining the Chamber, Tricia says: “I wanted help growing my business. I was told by a few folks that the Greater Heights Area Chamber was a great fit for me. Word of mouth is my best referral, and meeting new business owners is an excellent way for others to get to know my business.” We appreciate the friend’s recommendation and are pleased to have Tricia Gernand as a member of the Ambassador Committee and loyal supporter of Chamber events.